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Search Criteria

You can search on any combination of the following search criteria paramenters. Please do not enter values for every field, the search criteria will be too restrictive and will most likely produce zero result documents.

Date Range

Enter start and/or end date. You can specify only the start date to set a mimimum date allowed. You can specify only the end date to set a maximum date allowed. You can specify both start and end dates to specify a date range. Or you can leave the date fields blank indicating you desire all documents regardless of recording date.

Document Type Vs. Document Group

Document Type search allows you to search for documents with a single specific document type.
Document Group search allows you to search a group of document types.
Each document type is associated with a single Document Group.

For example let's say you were looking for a deed but you do not know what type of deed was recorded. You could perform multiple searches of each deed type shown in the document type list. Or you could perform a single Document Group search selecting Deed as the search criteria.

Note, you may search by either Document Group or Document Type. You cannot seach by both.

Document Group

Select the desired document group. Search results will include the document types associated with the selected document group. For example the Deed document group will include all deeds such as Warranty, Quit Claim, Trustee's, etc.

Each Document Group item is associated with a list of document types. When you search by Document Group all documents of the Group's associated document types are returned.
Each document type is associated with a single document group.

Document Type

Select the desired document type. Search results will only include documents with this document type.

Name Searches

Enter a name or part of a name. Search results will include all names that match the designated name criteria. Please reference the help topic Name Searches for more information on searching by document name. Wildcard search applies to each of these fields, first, middle and last names.

Legal Search Criteria

Enter legal property description. Search results will be limited to the information entered in all legal fields. No legal fields have wildcard search applied.

Results Per Page

Long Result lists are broken up into multiple pages with a fixed number of items per page. This settings specifies how many result items per page you desire.

Popup Summary

Result List items can display a popup summary of document index information. To view the popup summary hover your mouse over any Result List item.
To enable this feature check the Popup Summary checkbox prior to performing a search.