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Result List

The search Result list contains a list of documents that match your search critieria. Each result item contains a Document Identifier. The Document Identifier contains a link that will allow you to view a document's details and images. Select this link to open the Document Details page.

Result Pages

Long result lists are broken into multiple pages with a fixed number of documents per page. The number of items displayed per page is selected on the Search page. To view additional result list pages select the Results Page links located in the upper right corner of the Results page.

Popup Index Summary

Researchers can view a quick popup summary of the document index information. Hover your mouse over a result list item and the summary will be displayed as a popup tooltip.

Please note that the Enable Popup Summary checkbox located at the upper right of the Results page must be checked for this feature to work. There will be a short delay after checking this option, the web page must reload itself.