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Notification Name Guidelines

Notification Names

Use the search feature of this web site to find names of interest. Note how the names are indexed.

Tip: view the Name Indexing Details in the document index summary view.

Notifications will be sent when registered names match exactly to the newly recorded document's index names.

This means that a Person's name must match exactly both first and last names.

Person's Name

Enter one person's name, first and last, per line entry.

Multiple names should be entered on separate lines, do not enter more than one name per line.

Example #1 - register John and Jane Doe.

  •   First Last
  • Do This John Doe
  •   Jane Doe
  • Don't Do This John & Jane Doe

Example #2. Your name is Robert Smith, but you go by Rob.

  •   First Last
  • Do This Robert Smith
  •   Rob Smith

Trust Name

Register trust names with separate entries for each party involved in the trust. You can also enter the trust name itself.

Trust Example - the name of your trust is "Jane and John Doe Trust"

  •   First Last / Business
  • Person Name John Doe
  • Person Name Jane Doe
  • Business Name   Jane and John Doe Trust
  • Business Name   Jane & John Doe Trust

Business Name

Enter Business names as you think they might be indexed in future documents.

Business Example - your firms name is ABC Supply Corp.

Create separate entries for each variation.

  •   Business Name
  • Do This ABC Supply
  •   ABC Supply Corp
  •   ABC Supply Corporation

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