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Name Searches

It is best to specify as little detail as possible in the name fields. This will result in the broadest match of names.

Start with the last name only and add portions of the first and middle names to refine the search. For example enter the last name and first initial to start. If the result is too long then change the first initial to the first name and search again.

Search will return all documents that match name information starting with the last name, then first and middle names.

Last Name Example:
If you enter 'Smith' as the last name, the result list will include all names that begin with 'Smith', such as Smith, Smithfield, Smithburg and Smithly. Names such as Blacksmith, Greensmith, Johnsmith will not be included.

First Name Example:
If you Enter 'Smith' as the last name and 'A' as the first name, search will return the following names.
Smith, Albert
Smithburg, Angel
Smithly, Amos

These names will not be returned:
Smith, Bert
Smith, Mary
Smithly, George

Human Names

Human names consist of first, middle and last names. First or middle may be blank, but not both.

Business Names

Business names or non-human names are defined as names with Last Name field information only.