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What Is tcrWebTools

tcrWebTools is a software search tool that provides advanced search and document access capabilities. It provides the researcher with the same power and efficiency as if you were in the Recorder’s Office.

Use of tcrWebTools is included with all Corporate Subscription Plans.

Advantages Over Web Site Site

tcrWebTools provides a more robust search environment for professional researchers than the web site can. Unique features that are not available when searching the web site include:

  • Document images are stored to local hard drive providing faster image response and a permanent image store
  • Ability to print all pages of a document with a single click of your mouse
  • Advanced document navigation
  • Automatically logs onto your account

These options are not available on the web site search.

Technical Details
  • tcrWebTools is a Microsft Windows .Net Framework desktop application
  • It is not a web application
  • trcWebTools is installed on the researcher's computer
  • The tcrWebTools Setup program can be downloaded from this web site; sign-in is required