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Historical Data

Historical data can be purchased in bulk with delivery on an optical disc, USB hard drive or ftp download. For example your could purchase all image records from a county from 2000 to 2006.

Historical data consists of image and index data prior to "today". Both image and index data can be purchased from most of our counties.

Image data is purchased by recording date range and document type, specify all document types or select types. Index data is purchased by data range only.


The cost of historical data purchase varies by county. Please see our brochure, Historical Data Purchase Brochure, for details.

Request A Quote

Please send us an email requesting a quote for purchase of historical data.
Please include the following information:

  • County's name
  • County's state
  • Document types desired (all or select types)
  • Recording date range
Sensitive Documents

Sensitive documents cannot be sold. These include military discharges (DD-214), court ordered redactions and other documents that have been identified as sensitive by the County Recorder.