Lincoln County, CO  Clerk & Recorder's Office
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Corinne M. Lengel, Clerk & Recorder
Lincoln County, CO
PO Box 67
Hugo CO  80821
Phone: 719-743-2444

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Document Availability

Searchable documents exist starting in 1970.
Images are not available for Public access.

Search Notes

Apr 27, 1997 forward. All documents are fully indexed and imaged, these documents are searchable.

February 13, 1952 through Apr 27, 1997. These have been imaged and partly indexed. Only Grantor-Grantee names are searchable. Recording date, document type and legal information are not available at this time. Also note that documents gaps exist in this group, these documents are Chattel Mortgage which are not available to the Public.

Last Perfected Document

The last perfected document (all processing completed) is:

Document Identifer 355842
Recording Date 10/26/2021 3:49:30 PM